There's just something a bit more special about handmade items isn't there? Handmade furniture and home wares have a soul and a narrative that mass-produced items simply don't have. Whether it's knowing that a talented craftsman has used their hands to create the thing that you're admiring, appreciating the uniqueness of a one-off piece or remembering the circumstances around your discovery of a cherished treasure, handmade items are special.

Knave Design is all about the handmade. We believe that the best homes are those which are filled with narrative and soul, curated and thoughtfully layered. Our hope is that we might be able to enrich as many spaces as possible with our handmade furniture and home

wares; bringing people together and creating a sense of belonging.

Everything on our website is made by us in the Knave Design Studio. Our workshop would be considered a hybrid shop where we use a combination of machines (lathe, table saw...), power tools (router, drills...) and traditional hand tools (chisels, planes, handsaws) to create our items.

In the workshop, decor items are created in small batches and furniture is made-to-order so that it can be customised to the needs of the client.


Beauty, Function and Style

The Knave Design furniture and home ware style is one that can be easily admired without the need to be analysed. Our hope is that our pieces become integrated into your lifestyle; whether that's meeting around a table, serving off a platter or doing your laces on a bench. Our pieces should bring joy both when they are looked at as a piece of design and and when they are being used for their function.

We style our pieces so that they look like they belong in a home, not an art gallery. It's our belief that our furniture and decor is transferable across a range of decorating styles from modern to french, coastal to industrial. Our emphasis on wood as a material helps to bring a natural and warm feeling to a space.


Environmentally Responsible

Knave Design is committed to caring for the planet. All of the timber that we use is either sustainably grown and sourced or it is reclaimed materials; receiving a second life instead of being cast to the firewood pile. 

Doubling down on this commitment, we've developed our Planting Pledge to help keep our planet's future looking green. Check it out here.



Knave is an Old English word for a boy servant. Recently, the word has had a bit of a tough run being used as a synonym for an nasty, dishonest person. Trust us, that's not the vibe we're going for. When you think Knave Design, think more rascally rogue, less evil scoundrel.

If you've read any Shakespeare (and if you went to school, my guess is you have), you might notice that he was a fan of the word.

Many years ago, decks of cards used to have King, Queen and Knave (in place of the Jack). As you can imagine, it got a bit confusing having "K" for King and "Kn" for knave so it was swapped out for a "J" for Jack. 

Learn more about the man behind KNAVE DESIGN here.