The WELL: Bondi Beach

bespoke commercial

Nestled down the southern end of Campbell Parade on Bondi Beach, The WELL; a gym, cafe and overall wellness center required a designers eye to bring cohesion to a somewhat confused space. 

We were commissioned to make two pivotal pieces for their ground floor cafe. Firstly, a "storage crate presentation" unit to showcase the owners vegetable produce from their farm in the Southern Highlands. We used American Oak  for this piece. The crates are all removable and the entire piece was given a milk bath treatment.

Secondly, we created a 2.6m credenza. This unit is a pivotal piece of furniture as it is used for both storage and presentation, establishing the vibe as you enter into the cafe. All six doors were detailed and the grooved paneling was incorporated to tie this piece in with other pieces. The whole unit was stained, whitewashed and then distressed.


"Straight from the Farm", this crate presentation unit is used to showcase the owners home-grown produce.

The 2.6m credenza has become an indispensable piece of furniture in the cafe.

Progress shot if the credenza before handles and distressing.

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